Pink Lemonade Tea

I was given this sencha made using a rare tea cultivar named ‘Sun Rouge’.Sun Rouge is mainly grown in Tokunoshima island, Kagoshima. It contains lots of anthocyanin which has a strong antioxidant effect and reduces eye strain. Food plants rich in anthocyanin include the blueberry and many other foods that are purple in colour.

Because of the anthocyanin the color is very unique! Compared to usual sencha (green tea), the tea leaves are more dark bluish and blackish in color. The color of the tea is grayish purple. It turns bright red by adding something acidic such as lemon juice or soda!

This tea has a strong astringency, but I wanted to take advantage of this beautiful color and tried a new recipe. This one here is one of the recipes I tried.

The two layers of this drink are beautiful on the eye. If you only drink the tea on its own it might be too astringent. I recommend mixing it before you drink. Please give it a try when you have a chance!

:: Ingredients ::
Tea leaves                          5g
Hot water (80℃/176°F)    100ml
Lemon juice                      1.5 TBSP
Honey                                1.5 TBSP
Water                                 150ml
Ice                                      The amount to fill a glass

:: Instructions ::

  1. Put tea leaves into a teapot and pour hot water (80℃/176°F). After steep it for 2 minutes, pour the tea into a cup.
  2. Put lemon juice and honey into a small cup and mix them together well.
  3. Add 2. into water in a pitcher and mix them together.
  4. Put some ice into a glass and pour 3.
  5. Pour 1. onto the ice in the glass slowly and it’s complete!

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