Pink Lemonade Tea

I was given this sencha made using a rare tea cultivar named ‘Sun Rouge’.Sun Rouge is mainly grown in Tokunoshima island, Kagoshima. It contains lots of anthocyanin which has a strong antioxidant effect and reduces eye strain. Food plants rich in anthocyanin include the blueberry and many other foods that are purple in colour. Because […]

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Citrus Green Tea

I was recently given ‘buntan’, a citrus fruit known as ‘pomelo’ and is an ancestor of the grapefruit. I was very curious about what it would taste like when it’s combined with tea and decided to give it a go! Buntan is familiar to me but maybe not for other people living in different areas […]

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Homemade Genmaicha

I decided to make homemade ‘genmaicha’ (green tea with roasted rice) by pan-frying brown rice and adding it to the tea. ‘Genmai’ means unpolished rice and ‘cha’ means tea. You can match the tea of your choice and enjoy the nice roasted aroma as its being made. :: How to roast brown rice :: Brown […]

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