Pesto Pasta Using Used Tea Leaves

When I was checking how to make good use of used tea leaves online I came across this pasta! 🍃 This is pesto-genovese-like pasta using used tea leaves instead of basil. I adjusted the recipe to make my own version that I think is slightly easier to make. I paired it with cold brewed sencha and hojicha. 😊

INGREDIENTS (2 servings)
Used tea leaves
(Light or deep steamed sencha)    2 tablespoons
Olive oil                              2 tablespoons
Grated parmesan cheese               2 tablespoons
Walnuts (or cashew nuts)               10g
Garlic                                                As much you like
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of black pepper
Pasta of your choice                       160-200g

1. Boil water and add pasta (follow pasta’s cooking instructions on package)

2. While boiling the pasta, put all the ingredients except for the pasta in to a food processor or a blender and mix them together until it becomes a paste.

3. Toss the boiled pasta and the sauce together and it’s done!

*These photos are for 3 servings.

It’s very easy to make! Since it uses used tea leaves the flavor of tea isn’t over powering (actually the main taste is garlic and cheese 🤣) and it is very easy to eat.

Used tea leaves contain water-insoluble nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, dietary fiber, minerals and so on. You can consume all of the nutrients that can’t be consumed by drinking!

Please try it yourself and get healthy and be eco-friendly! 😄

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