Roasted Japanese Black Tea with Soda

Recently I tried this tea categorized as roasted Japanese black tea for the first time! This one from Wumin’s clan won the platinum award at the Japanese Tea Awards in 2019. When you brew the tea it smells amazing!! It has an indescribable sweet roasted aroma that combines nicely with the flowery aroma of the black tea.

I decided to mix this tea with soda. Here are the two ways to make it.

:: Today’s Recipe 1 :: (1 serving)
Tea leaves        5g
Amount of hot tea                 70-80g
Temperature of hot water    Boiling water
Steeping time                         90-120 seconds
Soda                                         150ml
Ice                                            Amount to fill a glass
Sweetener                               As much as you like

Brew the tea with hot water according to the recipe above and pour it over the ice in a glass. Pour soda gently in the glass and add sweetener as you like.

:: Today’s Recipe 2 :: (2 servings)
The amount of tea      8g
Soda (unsweetened)   400ml
Steeping time             One night in the refrigerator (8-12 hours)
Ice                                 As much as you like
Sweetener                    As much as you like

Put tea leaves directly into a plastic bottle of soda, close the lid tight, then leave it in the refrigerator for a night. (To avoid overflowing, you should reduce the amount of soda poured inside.) Using a strainer pour it into a glass and add some sweetener and ice if you like.

Using recipe 1, which uses hot water, you can enjoy the the acquired astringent taste. Using recipe 2, which is brewing using soda, you can taste the sweetness of the tea. It’s nice just as they are and adding sweetener makes it even easier to drink.

I really enjoyed it using both of these recipes!! Why don’t you try it yourself? 😆

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