Deep Steamed Green Tea & Pan-Roasted Green Tea

I sometimes eat Obanyaki* and pair it with these two types of tea. It’s one of my favourite snacks right now! 🍵

*Obanyaki is a thick pancake containing bean jam. It’s also called ‘Imagawayaki’.

:: Today’s Brewing :: (B0th of the tea)
Tea leaves 5g
Amount of hot water 120ml
Temperature of hot water 80℃ (175℉)
Steeping time 1 minute

Deep steamed green tea (Fukamushi sencha) is steamed longer than regular sencha in the manufacturing process. Its astringency is less than the regular one and its flavor can be milder. The leaves are finer and the color of the tea is stronger. The mild flavor and thick texture goes well with the moist texture and sweetness of the Obanyaki.

Pan-roasted green tea (kamairicha) is literally roasted in a pan in the manufacturing process. Chinese tea is mainly pan-roasted but Japanese tea is mainly steamed. So Japanese pan-roasted tea is kind of rare and produced mainly in Kyushu. It has a nice roasted flavor that goes well with the pancake.

Although both of them are green tea I find they bring out the flavor of sweets differently, which I think is really interesting. It’s fun to choose the type of tea depending on your mood that day! 😊

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