Can Tea Keep You Hydrated?

Do you like exercising? I’ve been practicing yoga for my rehab and to maintain my health 🧘‍♀️ I used to take yoga classes but now I’m mainly using YouTube, practicing every morning.

It’s awesome to drink ice cold tea after working out!! 😆 Today I decided to drink cold brew Sencha (green tea) and prepared some before I did my yoga lesson.

:: Today’s recipe ::
Tea leaves 8g
Water 800ml
Temperature Room temperature
Steeping time 2-3 hours or more in a refrigerator

It’s said that taking caffeine before exercise improves your performance and your ability to burn more fat. It’s also good to drink something with caffeine while you are exercising.

Caffeine is known for its diuretic effect so you may think that you won’t be hydrated, but I found many reports which say while caffeine may have a mild diuretic effect, caffeinated drinks still keep you hydrated.

In case you are still worried about the diuretic effect, for example when you feel dehydrated after exercising, I recommend you to choose Bancha (coarse tea) or Hojicha (roasted green tea) which contains less caffeine.

Of course water and energy drinks are good for hydration when you workout, but tea is also great as it makes you feel refreshed. ✨✨🍃 Why don’t you adopt tea into your own schedule? I think trying different types of tea or at different concentration levels can improve your performance. 😊


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