Tea Tour in Oboke Iya vol.2

On the tea tour for Japanese tea instructors we also went to a Wagashi (Japanese confectionery) shop called ‘Machi no ie’.

‘Machi no ie’ means the ‘town house’ and is run by Ms. Kunikane who used to work for the local area, revitalizing the communities in Miyoshi city. She has also worked as a Wagashi chef in a big cities. She renovated her grandmother’s house and it has a very nice atmosphere. ✨

I ate the wagashi she made and drank an Sencha (green tea) from a local company called Hiramatsu tea factory. She expressed a Miyoshi city flower with a morning dew dropped on it. The subtle sweetness and texture of the wagashi matched nicely with the sweetness and umami of the green tea. It was very enjoyable. ☺️ She also uses nice tea ware and plates that make your tea time much more enjoyable.

For drinks you can choose either roasted coarse tea from Kyokufuen of Miyoshi city or coffee from Aalto coffee of Tokushima city. I really liked that she focused on locally sourced products.

‘Machi no ie’ is located in a city area in Miyoshi city and it’s easier to visit than the mountain side. If you want to try wagashi and drinks made in Tokushima then please check it out! (Usually it opens only on Fridays)

Machi no ie – https://www.instagram.com/wagashi_machi

I joined only the first day of the tour so that was all for this trip. I went to places which I had never been to before and learned a lot. It’s sometimes difficult to get everyone together, but I want to join this kind of event as much as I can so I can learn more about tea! 😆

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