Karigane – The Call of a Wild Goose

The weather is getting cooler in Japan. I made hot Karigane tea and paired it with a small cheese cake.🧀 :: Today’s recipe :: Tea leaves  6g Amount of hot water  250ml Temperature of hot water  boiling water Steeping time  60 seconds Kukicha means ‘stem tea’ and is made using stems, stalks and twigs. Amongst the teas made using […]

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Tea Tour in Oboke Iya vol.1

I joined the tea tour for Japanese tea instructors and went to Oboke Iya area in Miyoshi city, Tokushima. We visited a local tea company called ‘Kyokufuen’ and the owner’s son, Mr. Magari, showed us their factory and surrounding tea fields. 😊 Kyokufuen is located on a steep slope on a mountain in Miyoshi city, Tokushima. […]

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