Tea Tour in Oboke Iya vol.1

I joined the tea tour for Japanese tea instructors and went to Oboke Iya area in Miyoshi city, Tokushima. We visited a local tea company called ‘Kyokufuen’ and the owner’s son, Mr. Magari, showed us their factory and surrounding tea fields. 😊

Kyokufuen is located on a steep slope on a mountain in Miyoshi city, Tokushima. They are making very high quality tea without the use of pesticide or agricultural chemicals. They have won the first prize at the best tea competition in Tokushima many times. Also, Mr. Magari is a certified Chashi (tea master) and has a Japanese tea instructor certificate as well. How cool!

When I actually went to the tea field, the slope was much steeper than I thought and I can imagine how hard it must be working in this location. The steep slopes offer good drainage so there is good water retention. The clean river around the tea fields makes for the perfect humidity and helps the tea plants retain their umami for a much longer period of time.

They are taking advantage of the unique characteristic of this mountainous area, working with no pesticides and trying hard everyday to produce the highest quality tea possible.🥺✨

Mr. Magari’s mother made lunch for us, this was paired with Kyokufuen’s high quality tea. I drank lots of tea and listened to the stories of other Japanese tea instructors. Everyone’s passion for tea left me feeling inspired and motivated!

This location is literally in the middle of mountains, but if you have a chance please go to Oboke Iya area surrounded by great nature and pay a visit to Mr. Magari, the handsome tea master!

Kyokufuen – https://kyokufuen.com

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