Karigane – The Call of a Wild Goose

The weather is getting cooler in Japan. I made hot Karigane tea and paired it with a small cheese cake.🧀

:: Today’s recipe ::
Tea leaves  6g
Amount of hot water  250ml
Temperature of hot water  boiling water
Steeping time  60 seconds

Kukicha means ‘stem tea’ and is made using stems, stalks and twigs. Amongst the teas made using Gyokuro or high quality Sencha is a tea called ‘Karigane’, which means ‘the call of a wild goose’. It’s said the origin of the name is a branch floating in the sea on which a Kari (wild goose) sits for a rest when they migrate. This is because the shape of the branch and this tea look alike. What an elegant name!! 😌

Stems contain less tannin and caffeine compared to tea leaves, so the taste doesn’t get bitter even if you use boiling water. Also, the stems have more theanine, one of the sources of umami. It produces umami and sweetness.

This tea is Gyokuro Karigane from d:matcha Kyoto. I was able to enjoy the subtle umami, the fruity flavor of the stem tea and the slight seaweed-like flavor of the Gyokuro at the same time!! 😆

When I went for a trip to Wazuka town in Kyoto a few years ago I joined d:matcha’s tea field hiking tour. After hiking they let us try different kinds of Sencha and Matcha. Overall it was very fun!! I want to go to Wazuka again and see the beautiful tea fields in person. 🍃 ✨

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