Rice in Post-fermented Tea

I received this Goishicha tea that’s produced in Kochi on Shikoku island. I decided I would use it to make Ochazuke, which means boiled rice in tea. 😁

:: Today’s recipe ::
Tea leaves 6g
Amount of hot water 300ml
Temperature of hot water boiling water
Steeping time 3 minutes
Ingredients for Ochazuke ⬇️
Boiled rice, grilled salted salmon, salted plum, nori seaweed, sesame seeds, ao-jiso (green perilla)

You can change the toppings as you wish! Something savoury is always good. Put the boiled rice in a bowl, place the toppings on top and pour tea over. 🍵

Goishicha is categorized as post-fermented tea (also called fermented tea). Other post-fermented tea includes Awa bancha from Tokushima, Shikoku island, and Pu-erh tea from China. When you talk about tea, the word ‘fermentation’ is often used, but it actually means ‘oxidation’ derived from the tea-leaf’s enzymes. Post-fermented tea is truly ‘fermented’. In Goishicha’s case, after boiling the tea leaves they are fermented with mold, and then are fermented again using a lactic bacteria. They are then dried and cut in to 3-4 centimeter (1.2-1.6 inches) squares.

The tea leaves smell like dried prunes or dried plums. It had sourness but not overly pungent. This sourness made the taste of the Ochazuke lighter and I really enjoyed it! I think I added too much toppings this time though … lol

This tea is very rare, made only in Kochi with lots of love and care. I hope this tea can continue to be produced in the future! 😊

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