Iced Lemon Tea Using Sencha and Japanese Black Tea

It’s boiling hot in Japan these days. 🥵💦 I cold brewed tea, added lemon and lots of ice. This iced lemon tea is perfect for this summer weather as you can instantly feel energised again!

:: Today’s recipe ::
Tea leaves (Sencha, Japanese black tea) 15g
Water 1ℓ at room temperature
Steeping time One night in a refrigerator (or more than 3 hours)
Lemon As you like (I added 1 slice after poring tea to the glass)

Cold brewed tea tastes very nice by itself. By adding some lemon it can make it even more refreshing. 😆 And adding lots of ice adds to that!

This Sencha (green tea) is from Kyokufuen of Tokushima and is made specifically for cold brew. The umami-sweetness and the small amount of bitter-astringency are well balanced and I liked it a lot. The green tea powder added to the tea makes the colors of the liquid look beautiful on the eye.

This Japanese black tea is from Sakamotoen of Miyazaki that I purchased from L’Essentiel tea. It has a sweetness, one of Japanese black tea’s characteristics, a nice bitterness, and a flowery aroma. It is needless to say both of them are delicious. 👍

Adding lemon is great for not only black tea but also for the green tea.🍋 You may think that Japanese tea should be drunk without adding anything. But I see different kinds of tea being consumed these days. I like the idea of enjoying Japanese tea by thinking outside of the box. 😊 I want to try various recipes!

I found a lovey message from L’Essentiel tea in the bag of tea! It was a nicer surprise.😌

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