Cold Matcha with Ice

Since the weather is still very hot in Japan, I made cold Matcha using a cool looking glass. 🧊

:: Today’s recipe ::
Matcha (green tea powder)  1.5g
Amount of water 50ml
Temperature of water 80-90℃ (176-194℉)
Ice As you like

Put Matcha into a bowl, such as a Matcha bowl or a lipped bowl, and pour hot water on top. Whisk them together with a bamboo tea whisk. Put some ice in another Matcha bowl or a glass and pour the whisked tea slowly in and you’re done!

I forgot to take photos when I was whisking the tea. 😅 Here is the lipped bowl and bamboo whisk that I used. 👇 I’m using this lipped bowl to cool down the hot water when I brew the tea as well. This Matcha is from Fukujuen.
Using a glass for Matcha is pretty to look at and personally it feels much more casual than using a Matcha bowl. It’s also fun to whisk Matcha with a bamboo whisk. Why don’t you give it a try yourself. 😉

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