White Chocolate Flavored Matcha Latte

Recently I started to use an electric milk frother from HARIO and decided to make a matcha latte with white chocolate. I paired it with some cookies. 😊

:: Today’s Recipe ::
Matcha 3~3.5g (A little less than 1 table spoon)
Boiling water 50ml
Milk (you can also use soy milk or almond milk) 150ml
White chocolate 30g

1.  Chop 30g of white chocolate so that it melts easily.
2.  Put 3~3.5g of matcha into a bowl like a Matcha bowl or a lipped bowl and pour 50ml of boiling water on top. Whisk them together with a bamboo tea whisk until it’s smooth. (If you don’t have a tea whisk you can use a small metal whisk instead.)
3.  Pour 150ml of milk into a heat resistant pitcher. Add chopped white chocolate and microwave it.
4.  Mix the milk and chocolate together with a spoon and pour 2/3 of it into a mug. Whip the remaining 1/3 of the milk with a milk frother. (If you don’t have a milk frother you can pour all of the milk into a mug.)
5.  Pour whisked matcha into a mug and mix them together. Put whipped milk onto the matcha and you’re done!

Using this HARIO milk frother you can make VERY fluffy milk. Though it’s a bit different from the one from a coffee shop, this one is also nice.

If you aren’t a big fan of sweets you can make it without white chocolate. Also, if you don’t have any white chocolate at home you can just replace it with some sugar or another type of sweetener.

I like drinking matcha by itself but matcha latte is much more casual and easy to drink. The sweetness of white chocolate can be likened to a dessert! It’s a very satisfying hot drink! Why don’t you give it a try yourself. 😉

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