Japanese Oolong Tea

I tried this Organic Japanese Green Oolong titled “Inner Peace” by Tea Farm Sakamoto that I purchased from L’Essential Tea (https://lessentieltea.stores.jp). 😆

:: Today’s Recipe ::
Tea leaves 3g
Amount of hot water 120ml
Temperature of hot water 90−95℃ (194-203℉)
Steeping time 1 minute

This tea is made from the tea cultivar called ‘Nagomiyutaka’. You definitely feel eased by the sweet flowery flavor that’s similar to a lily and is slightly sweet/roasted in flavor.😌 It feels soft in the mouth and there’s not much bitterness or astringency.

According to the website, this tea goes well with cheese so I paired it with Camembert! The umami and the richness of the cheese is enveloped by the sweetness of the tea. The tea really refreshed my palate. Since the flavor of cheese is strong, brewing the tea a little longer or using more tea leaves than the above recipe would be also be nice.

I’m going to try and enjoy different kinds of Japanese oolong tea along with other Japanese tea in the future too!

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