Ice brew Green Tea on a Day You Stay Home All Day

Since it’s been a little hot recently, and we are spending a lot of time at home, how about we brew some green tea using ice?

It takes a little more time but brewing tea with ice is one of the best ways to enjoy the ‘umami’ that comes from green tea.

:: Today’s Recipe ::
Sencha or Gyokuro (both of them are green tea) – 5g
Ice (Preferably soft water) – The amount needed to fill your teapot

You can adjust the amount of tea as you like. I used Gyokuro this time.

Place the tea leaves in a teapot and put ice on top of them. Pouring a little water onto the ice helps it melt faster. Once the ice has melted, pour the tea into a small tea cup. (The timing depends on the room temperature. This time it took around 20-30 minutes.)

Even though the amount of tea is small and the color isn’t that deep the taste of the tea has a lot of impact. The concentrated sweetness of the tea makes for a luxury-type taste. I enjoyed the tea with each drop and marvelled at how the taste changed with each cup.

Oh, by the way, just make sure the ice you use has no scent. One time I used ice which had been sitting in the freezer and the odour of the freezer came through to the tea. Not good. This time I filtered the water using a BRITA jug first and removed it quickly from the freezer so no odour was present.

I hope you will try and brew green tea with ice. Perfect for a hot summer’s day 😊

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