My name is Kaori.

I love a life with tea and I’m currently researching more about Japanese tea.

Also, I’m dreaming about moving to a rural town.

I hope to use this blog mainly to write about Japanese tea and moving to a rural town.

Today I had a beautiful blend of sencha (green tea) from Tsuen, an 860 year-old tea shop in Kyoto.

I drank this tea with an ice cream, which I made with strawberries from a farmer near to my house. Now is the season for the first picked tea of the year. Strawberries are also in season and complement nicely.

(In the picture you can tell the ice cream is melting since it looks like yoghurt lol )

It’s said that eating seasonal foods is good for health. In spring, when people become active, bitter tasting wild vegetables are eaten to eliminate the waste and fat which are stored in body during the winter months.

Green tea has bitterness too. It contains polyphenols such as catechin which provides a detoxing effect. One of the best times to drink green tea is in spring! (Although drinking it in other seasons is nice too though…)

I hope everyone can enjoy a nice tea break this spring 🙂


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