Homemade Rice Bread and Deep Steamed Green Tea

While avoiding any unnecessary outings I have began baking bread using the bread machine. 🍞 I’m particularly obsessed with rice bread. Today I ate some rice bread with Fukamushi Sencha (Deep steamed green tea).

Homemade rice bread is chewy and slightly sweet inside. Also, the outside is crunchy which makes it similar to a rice cracker 🍘 Plus, it’s good if you’re trying to avoid any artificial preservatives in your diet.

Today’s tea is the first tea of the year and has been made from a cultivar called Yutakamidori from Kagoshima. It was much nicer brewed at a lower temperature.

:: Today’s recipe ::
Tea leaves 7-8g
Water 200ml
Temperature About   70℃ (158℉)
Steeping time   1 minute

When I eat rice bread I prefer to drink green tea rather than coffee or black tea. The sweetness and chewy texture of Japanese rice goes well with the subtle taste of Japanese tea.

It’s said that ‘Yutakamidori’ has a sweetness and flavour similar to that of a sweet potato. I actually think so. It definitely made me feel more at ease. 😌 Kagoshima is actually famous for producing sweet potatoes. I suppose the green tea might taste similar to a sweet potato because they are both harvested in the same area. If so, this would be very unique! 😳

From now on I’m going to enjoy pairing different kinds of tea with homemade bread😁

I hope you’re enjoying your time inside. Why not try a pairing yourself when you next have some free time? 🍀

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