Flower Flavor Roasted Green Tea

Since it’s the rainy season in Japan the weather has not been that great recently ☔️ But don’t worry! You can change your mood by drinking tea 😄

Today’s tea is Yuki Hanaka Hojicha (Organic Flower Flavour Roasted Green Tea) from a shop called Miyazakisabo. This special tea was made by collecting tea stems that smell like the petals of a flower. Quite incredible! 😳 I found this tea at a tea event in Osaka and it became a favourite of mine. This time I tried a cold brew first.

:: Today’s recipe ::
Tea leaves 10g
Water 800ml
Temperature Room temperature
Steeping time One night in a refrigerator

Just like the name of the tea, I can sense a subtle and sweet flowery flavor which is quite different from usual Hojicha! 💐 The taste itself is light but my mouth was filled with this flowery aroma.🥰

From the second steep onward I placed the tea leaves into a teapot and poured over hot water. Since I’m sensitive to the cold I like drinking hot tea even in a hot weather. Either way you steep there was still a nice flavour. Delicious! 😊

Caffeine, which tea and coffee both contain, has the effect causing the blood vessels to constrict. If your intake is high there’s the possibility of being more sensitive to the cold and period pain. Hojicha (roasted green tea) has less caffeine than the other Japanese teas. It’s good to drink when you want to restrict your intake of caffeine. I’ve also taken macrobiotic cooking classes and Hojicha is categorised as a food that makes you warmer in macrobiotic. So depending on my body condition I tend to choose Hojicha. ✨✨

I bought a few different kinds of tea from the same shop and will present it here later. 👋

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